The Smarter Approach To Employee Benefits


The more you look out for your team, the more involved and engaged they will feel.

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We provide a range of benefits to help you protect your employees easily and with minimal hassle.

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Our reward-focused benefits deliver extra recognition and rewards for your employees.

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Specialist Benefits Business Protection

At Busy Bees Benefits, we offer a wide range of services and products to support your business. This ranges from Key Person Insurance, Relevant Life Insurance, Business Life Insurance and more complex corporate planning and consultation.

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We provide employee benefits with a real difference

Your whole team will work their hardest and feel their best when they’re rewarded, engaged and protected.

This is why we’re big on providing employee work benefits with a real difference.

At Busy Bees Benefits, we offer a fantastic and easy to use digital platform that gives you an affordable way of implementing benefits online. Our simple and effective system combined with our well-rounded work benefits means you’ll soon be able to enjoy the dedication and efficiency of a protected and happy team.

Smart Hive Fair Pricing Policy

Busy Bees Benefits is committed to a fair pricing policy. Our approach is to charge our customers appropriate prices for implementing our new employee benefits platform Smart Hive. Having worked with employers for many years, it is our mission to improve access to benefits in the workplace and make benefit provision affordable for all employers irrespective of their size.

Exceptional benefits to suit you and your workforce

By choosing the right work benefits, you’ll boost motivation in your team and increase each individual’s dedication to their job.

With Busy Bees Benefits, selecting and implementing those employee benefits couldn’t be easier! Our hassle-free platform is quick to set up and brings all of your benefit schemes together in one place. Online and efficient, this is the simplest and most convenient way to ensure you’re supplying the best benefits at work.

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Proven experience & success

We’re already working with over 16,500 employers across the UK, spanning from smaller businesses to national organisations, supplying their ideal benefit packages. Not only does this mean that we’re trusted and reliable, but that we also really do know our stuff.

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90% would recommend Busy Bees Benefits
"90% of our customers said they'd be extremely happy
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Today’s reward Tomorrow’s success

Our platform is hassle-free, quick to set up and brings together all your benefit schemes in one place.

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