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Car Leasing


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Car Leasing is an employee benefit that allows your employees access to an all-inclusive car leasing package. Employees choose a vehicle and an agreed length of time, and pay in monthly instalments. These payments are deducted from the employee’s salary, and there is no extra cost to the business for registering for this scheme.


The scheme is a great way to show employees that you appreciate them, save your business some money and care for the environment.

Offering employees such an attractive benefit shows that you are appreciative of the work that they do. It’s also a great way to attract new talent and retain current employees.

As the scheme is paid for through salary sacrifice, both the employer and employee can make savings (dependent on the vehicle chosen).

Furthermore, by providing employees with newer cars, you are helping to care for the environment. Most brand-new cars are built with the environment in mind and in turn, are more economical. By helping employees get rid of older cars and replacing them with new lower-emission vehicles, you are helping to reduce CO2 emissions, which helps to keep your workforce green.


Busy Bees Benefits enables the employee to lease a new fully maintained, taxed and insured car through salary sacrifice. The employee pays a monthly cost for the vehicle on a lease basis and the payment for this comes directly from the employee’s salary, meaning that along with additional discounts, employees can make some substantial savings.

Our Car Leasing scheme can work alongside your current car scheme or it can replace it altogether. We’re here to provide full support for the scheme’s implementation, whether that’s HR and payroll information or providing marketing materials that will help you to promote the scheme to your employees.

At Busy Bees Benefits, we are committed to working with our clients to find the right benefit mix for their business. If you’re interested in our Car Leasing scheme, talk to a member of our team today to see how you can provide your employees with the opportunity to lease a car. Call us on 0330 333 9100 or email

Why Choose this Scheme?

Easy Process

Employees choose their vehicle. Minimal employer administration

Free Scheme

There is no cost to the organisation. Running the scheme is free

Simple Set Up

Our partner manages the entire set up for your employees

Business Benefits

Employers can save money on National Insurance contributions

Turning Green

Low-emission cars available and you can monitor your CO2 impact

Duty Of Care

Vehicles are high-quality, brand-new and road legal

Choose the best benefits package for you

Our benefits can be developed into a bespoke package for you. You can pick and choose from our range to find those that most interest you and your employees. Contact us to discuss your options.

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Drive your staff recruitment and retention

Want to go green and offer your employees the chance of an affordable new car? Talk to us about implementing a Car Leasing Scheme in your workplace today.