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At Busy Bees Benefits, we know how important it is to build a connection with your employees.
The more you look out for your team with employee benefits schemes, the more involved and engaged they will feel.

Health Calendar

Inspire your employees to lead healthier lives and to make informed choices to live well, stay healthy, feel fitter and work better. Find out more

Wellbeing Coaching

Encourage your employees to make positive lifestyle changes through interactive group and 1:1 Wellbeing Coaching workshops covering a wide range of topics and issues. Find out more

Wellbeing Webinars

Help employees to live well, think well and work well and include nutrition, health, coping mechanisms, emotional wellbeing, managing work life balance and many more. Find out more

The Pension Consulting Service

Providing you with the opportunity to review your workplace pension scheme with a consultation with one of our pension experts.  The service will ensure that you are compliant and to keep you up-to-date with legislation. Find out more

Reward & Recognition

Encourage employees to give kudos to each other for achieving results and hard work based on your business values. Find out more

Employee Assistance Programme

Designed to give employees support when they need it most, you will reduce sickness and absenteeism while improving and maintaining employee performance and mental health. Find out more

Car Benefit Scheme

Making brand new cars more affordable shows your workforce that you truly care about their financial wellbeing while increasing business reputation and attracting and retaining top talent. Find out more

Childcare Vouchers

Provide employees with vouchers that cover their childcare and increase employee satisfaction and engagement while reducing time spent off work and maximising productivity. Find out more

Financial Wellbeing

A valuable solution to help employees to access financial education and tools to get a better understanding of their finances, get on track, and use affordable borrowing when they need it, paid back via their salary. Find out more

Learning & Development

Embrace continuous learning through hundreds of online, free courses that nurture learning and development. They will increase employee satisfaction, engagement and development within your business. Find out more

Cycle to Work Scheme

Boost employee health and wellbeing while maximising employee savings. Our cycle to work scheme also reduces your business’s carbon footprint and demonstrates your status as a caring and green employer. Find out more

Health Screenings

Easy and cost-effective to implement, health screenings help employees to a better understanding of their health and will reduce absenteeism, increase productivity and improve moral.

Find out more

The GP Service

Providing quick access to quality and timely care to improve clinical outcomes, address health concerns and ultimately, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity in your workplace. Find out more

Investments & Savings

Easy to set up, you can make investing easy for your employees and support their financial health. Investments and savings show your employees you care while increasing employee satisfaction, engagement and wellbeing in your business. Find out more


At Busy Bees Benefits, we work with several high-quality companies across the UK to offer the best protection coverage and company benefit schemes on the market.

Healthy Extras

Help your employees to take control of their emotional wellbeing with a supportive online community and access to a GP 24/7. Find out more

Car Benefit Scheme

Making brand new cars more affordable shows your workforce that you truly care about their financial wellbeing while increasing business reputation and attracting and retaining top talent. Find out more

Private Medical Insurance

Designed to provide employees with additional security and peace of mind when it comes to receiving healthcare, your business will avoid lengthy absences and high business costs. Find out more

Group Critical Illness

Providing financial security for employees and reducing stress and worry, this highly valued benefit shows your employees you care, while acting as a key attraction and retention tool. Find out more

Group Life Insurance

You can show your employees you truly care by providing financial peace of mind for employees and their loved ones during a difficult time, at little cost to your business. Find out more

Group Income Protection

Affordable, relevant and simple to administer, support employee financial wellbeing with long-term income protection insurance with absence management and workplace support. Find out more

Everyday Health Cash Plan

An affordable and easy way to help spread the cost of health care not covered free by the NHS, you keep your employees healthy and fit and show them they are valued. Find out more

Private Health Insurance

A pioneering concept in employee health cover at a price that really works for your business. Your workforce can benefit from quick treatment, while you benefit from fewer absence days. Find out more


Our range of reward-focused employee benefits help deliver recognition and rewards for your employees easily, efficiently and with minimal hassle.

Discount Savings Cards

Provide your people with the opportunity to make savings on their everyday expenses by accessing exclusive discounts at an extensive network of retailers. Find out more

Reward Experiences

Create an exciting and motivating rewards programme by giving your employees the opportunity to enjoy fun and memorable experiences as a reward for their hard work and achievements. Find out more

Lifestyle Savings & Learning

Enable employees to get hundreds of discounts from a wide variety of shops, restaurants and cinemas, as well as enjoying learning something new. There’s something for everyone with this powerful engagement and retention tool. Find out more

Gym Discounts

Support employee health and wellbeing with discounts at over 3,500 gyms, health clubs, leisure centres and fitness studios to boost engagement and satisfaction. Find out more

Pension Review

Review your workplace pension solution with one of our specialist consultants and ensure your employer duties are being completed correctly and that procedures are compliant. Find out more

Today’s reward Tomorrow’s success

Our platform is hassle-free, quick to set up and brings together all your benefit schemes in one place.

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